Jessie Kwasney is an emerging contemporary artist working towards his Bachelor of Fine Art at the Univeristy of Montana with a focus in ceramics.  Jessie was first introduced to art through an intro course he took while studying physics at the University, after which he was hooked and immediately switched his path to focus whole-heartedly on art.

Jessie was born in Oakland, California to a military family, moving every two years until his family finally settled in Montana. Jessie joined the United States Army in 2005, where he spent the next 10 years of his life. Upon exiting the military, Jessie started his education at the University of Montana, where he currently studies.

Jessie is working on a body of work that is focused on communication and dialogue . He uses uncomfortable imagery to evoke strong emotion in the viewer, in an attempt to elicit a verbal response of some kind. Trying to open up the doors to honest, real, un-censored, and un-edited conversation, Jessie believes that the only way to progress is to debate and communicate with each other about every single topic, especially the ones our current society does not want to talk about. The main ideas of Jessie’s work focus on mental health, human’s relationship to sex, politics, and religion. Trying to push his imagery to a darker place with the intention of creating a space for this important dialogue.